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3rd Dec 1999, 07:32 PM

I'm a big fan of Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress (For quake 1). I was wondering if there is any hope for MODS to UT?

I was sort of hoping for a TF like mod as I can see real possibilities for a great mod!



25th Jun 2000, 03:35 AM
I just found this ancient post,
LordKhaine, is this an old GF of yours? =)

25th Jun 2000, 03:41 AM
(I do realize this post is over 6 months old :))

Yes, there is a mod called Unreal Fortress that is gonna be released this summer. It's gonna r0x0r j00r \/\/0r1d!!

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25th Jun 2000, 03:51 AM
LOL, nope, other wise it would be Lady Khaine :)

25th Jun 2000, 04:44 PM

This very nice sounding lady posted her thread on 12/3/99. Three days later LordKhaine entered the forum.

Lady Kane then appears to have ran for the hills, never to be heard from again.

Khaine, how many women have scared away from this forum anyway? ;)

"Life could be a dream, if I could take you up to paradise up above... and you could tell me, I'm the only one that you love. Live could be a dream sweetheart. Hello, hello again...." - The Billy Williams Quartet.

25th Jun 2000, 04:54 PM
LK with a GF? Never gonna happen... ;)

The new, improved Soundoff (http://www.planetunreal.com/soundoff) will return...

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25th Jun 2000, 07:26 PM
Hmmm. One goes, and the other appears ? Hmmm...could it be LadyKane and LordKhaine are one and the same ?

Of course, the forum is completely without predudice of any kind !

Just kidding, LK .. :)

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25th Jun 2000, 07:34 PM
Hertson: the question is "which LK do you mean?" =)

25th Jun 2000, 10:16 PM
Sel is right...LordKhaine having a girlfriend is impossible. Top scientist have tried, but failed. They concluded that no known species outside of sheep would ever date him... :)


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25th Jun 2000, 10:47 PM