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25th Nov 1999, 02:56 AM
The scale seems to be 1 to 1 but I can't figure out how to make UnrealEd reconise my 3D shapes when imported. I'm still working on it but welcome any advice in the mean time! I can dxf out of AutoCad and import into 3ds and then save it with .asc extension then import it into UnrealEd. The problem is getting UnrealEd to reconise solids from Autocad. I can import examples off the AutoCad example dirrectory just fine but anything I make will not import properly and will not be reconised as a solid or nothing will appear at all.

25th Nov 1999, 12:11 PM
Can you send me one of the files you made? Also can you send it in both .dxf and .asc? Thanks in advance. I just want to try this for myself so that later I have answers for more people.

30th Nov 1999, 02:04 PM
If you are using .dxf I am not sure why you would have a problem because in UnrealED brushes can be added or subtracted, so the solidity of the brush shouldn't matter. Perhaps your surface normals are pointing the wrong way or not all uniformly in or out?
I'll try on Mechanical Desktop tonight and see if I can figure it out.

2nd Dec 1999, 01:31 AM
Forgot about checking but I noticed that Capt_Trip(?) says he exports .dxf's and the surface normals all need to be pointing "in".