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1st Dec 1999, 02:17 AM
I was wondering were i can get the FPS to show up in UT. Also what other tweaks I can make it to run faster and smoother (already no the Fov trick) Also how can I access the cheats and commands. And was wondering if anyone knows where to get more levs and skins and stuff..


1st Dec 1999, 02:36 AM
1) console commands can be found here
Unreal Tech http://unreal.epicgames.com/
Goto "UT console commands" on the menu bar.
2)skins www.unreality.org\painfuldetail (http://www.unreality.org\painfuldetail) www.planetunreal.com\houseofstyle (http://www.planetunreal.com\houseofstyle)

1st Dec 1999, 03:49 AM
Reduce the skin detail to medium instead of high. I don't notice much of a visual difference by doing that.

Another thing is to reduce the sound quality. A lot of the CPU is eaten up by the sounds.

Also turn off Detail Textures. This has proven to provide great speed improvements at the cost of up close detail.