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Wail of Suicide
18th Apr 2010, 07:36 PM
Has anyone had any experience by default using any of the following PlayerController functions?:


I've been attempting to create a weapon that will cause some shaking in the player's view when used, but I'm not having any luck when it comes to actually getting these effects to occur in game (or perhaps the effect is too subtle, even when using high values)?

Here's an example of one of the calls I'm using (the values are a little extreme just to try and see if any noticeable effect will take place - doesn't seem so):

PlayerController(Other.Controller).ShakeView(vect(2500,2500,2500), vect(2500,2500,2500), 6, vect(1500,1500,1500), vect(2000,2000,2000), 10);

I know that there are certain effects that can shake the players view and work online - Specifically I'm thinking of when getting damaged by certain high-damage weapons, players view can sometimes spin wildly. However I think the problem with this approach (which is IIRC achieved using the DamageShake function) is the duration is not independent of the effect's intensity, so any noticeable level of shake is also going to last awhile. Ideally for me the intensity of the shaking is independent of the time/duration.