View Full Version : DM-WalmPack

6th Mar 2010, 01:04 PM
Well, I finally got a chance to play the maps in this pack and can't post comments on the review anymore, so here are some brief comments on each map.:)

DM-CloudConnected >> interesting, small, good architecture, good rockin' tune, I like the addition of the sniper nest and don't fall.
DM-Fotze >> interesting and small duel map, good lighting and edges, nice ambient sounds and effects. No problem getting items and weapons in this one.
DM-Mindkiller >> good one! ramps and goo everywhere!
DM-Osthammer >> like Morbias but the bots cheat.;) also, sky looks great with the new Extreme end S3TC textures from DieHard. Oh, wait, is that an elevator...kinda a cool addition.
DM-Retaliate >> bots are toast and could be better, get shield and Udamage for sure to dominate this one, nice effects, grass floor adds a certain good feeling to the map.
DM-Sacara >> interesting, ramps, dark, light, woops, nice combination of features and themes without getting too far off-track, nice sky and mountains with new S3TC textures.

That's about it, but all these maps could have been a little better with shadows.:)