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1st Mar 2010, 03:40 AM

6th Mar 2010, 07:01 PM
Yeah it is badly optimised in that regard. It goes either solo or too fast etc and has problems with dual core, even if it is realatively new game.

It's quite a weird game after all, I don't feel like I will ever replay it even though I do have it installed. It just is a weird mishmash and the story is totally random and uninteresting imo.
There are some nice parts, but it gets repetitive in certain levels and boring. It just seems like a weird mash of Unreal 2, Halo or Half life 2 or wahetever and "realism" oriented shooters, not to mention the intro is really funny, I mean how can you survive such a ****ing crash? It ****ing torns out into pieces and what, you wake up sitting in a chair? What the **** is that...everything is like apocalypse around you and you surive it only a bit hurt? Bull****....seriously
It's like if they were trying to copy that crash on Lost, but made it even less realistic and more random.
It would help if there was the underwater base still in the game, with the water falls that was seen on screenshots or something, the game doesn't have enough variety in enemies or environments as well, in fact even less variaty than final Unreal 2 had.

The ending is ridiculous as well, you fight in the end some Jedi-Sith Star Wars wannabe things....they have even lightsabers later on. Gah!
Don't get me started on the ending sequence, that is just anticlimatic and has no purpose at all.
Oh and as with Unreal 2, Half Life 2 you end up having a special super weapon at your disposal which makes it all a piece of cake. In Unreal 2 you could at least choose to not use it or only to finish the enemies with it, but here you must use it and you don't have any other weapons wbecause they are taken from you just as in half life 2 when it super charges your gravity gun and it becomes a weapon of piece of cake, can grab almost anything and it shoots insta kill lasers when enemy is close enough, they didn't even use the supercharged weapon in episode 2, although you can use it by entering a cheat code. Where did the originality go? I can't believe some Unreal mappers worked on the game actually. Like Eekels and jeremy war i beleive.

11th Apr 2010, 06:46 AM
Yeah, yeah Pariah is such a bad game.. or maybe not. I didn't pay fullprice for it, back then and thought it was fun. But I almost _never_ pay fullprice for a game.

Anti-Aliasing works with the fullscreen effect turned off, but not in the cutscenes. Those are recorded in-engine videos.