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29th Nov 1999, 02:23 AM
How do I get a monster to follow me through a closed door? I've created a basic Mover door that raises up vertically with the default activation (bump)
I've tried path nodes and patrol points. Dumb monster won't go through the door if it's closed. Do I need to use a proximity switch?


29th Nov 1999, 03:11 AM
If he stops at the door, then place a Trigger only opens for that specific monster. This can be done 2 ways, I'll list both cause who knows you may find the other useful later.

Generic Pawn Proximity
Go into the Trigger's Properties=>Trigger=>TriggerType
Now change this to TT_PawnProximity. Now anytime anything (Nali, human, enemy) activates that Trigger it will set off it's Event.

Class Proximity
Add a new Trigger.
Go into the Trigger's Properties=>Trigger=>TriggerType
Change this to TT_ClassProximity.

Change the Browse to Classes and find a specific Pawn that you want to activate the Trigger. Select it. Now go back to the Properties=>Trigger=>ClassProximityType, and click on Use.
Now the Trigger only responds to that specific Class and is null to all others.