View Full Version : is there a site license for UT?

22nd Jun 2000, 09:27 PM
Has anyone heard of the availability of either bulk pricing (~10 copies) or a site license for Unreal Tournament?
Phil Batey

23rd Jun 2000, 02:51 AM
I think most of us have a site license :) Is'nt that the receipt :) J/K You might check with the makers but probably not. If you check with a local dealer they might give you some sort of discount for buying 10 copies. I thought the price dropped on UT? I paid $49.00 a copy when it first came out (I bought two :)) Did not have a real reason to but this poor kid behind wanted the other copy and well lets just say I loved it when he about cried when he learned I got the only two copies :) Cruel yes but the mere self pleasure was just amazing :)

23rd Jun 2000, 06:26 AM
Candyman, you gotta be kidding me.

You paid $50 just to see a kid cry?

I'll cry for $30.

You don't wanna know what I'll do for $100.

Boom, Boom, Boom, let's go back to my room! Where we can do it all night, and I can make you feel right! Oooooooooo!