View Full Version : NOT playing level music?

28th Nov 1999, 10:33 PM
Here's a new one on me... and found an OK solution but not perfect, if there's a better suggestion... (this is in UT)

In my level, I do NOT want a background .umx to play, I do have a "song" playing in the level but it's only in a small radius, and works fine. Playing the level is usually fine, but when the voice commands are opened, the UT theme starts playing (the one that's on the main UT screen). Levelinfo has nothing set of course.

My fix for this was to set an alwaysactive trigger and a MusicEvent trigger to play bSilence every second. If someone opens the voice editor, the music will play (and restart to play every second they hold it open) but then stop when the voice commands screen is closed. It works, but it's rather unelegant. Any other suggestions?