View Full Version : [video card]Won't display a siginal

28th Jan 2010, 01:00 AM
Well here we go again. Last night I was using my PC with no problems. Shut it down, went to bed, but this afternoon when I booted it up, I had no siginal. WTF? It booted up fine as I heard the Windows 7 chime, but no siginal.

I then opened the case and booted up again and saw that the card fan is running and the heat sink was mildly warm to the touch. Nothing hot, but warm enough to tell there is something going on. I tried reseating the card and then booting up again and still nothing. I then tried booting up without a card installed and nothing happened. (no beeps because Asus sucks at making motherboards and it doesn't have an internal speaker as far as I can see.) I put the card back and tried booting up without the power connected to the card. This gave a constant beep, so I powered it off and booted it up again. Still nothing.

I then tried connecting that same cable to my other PC (AGP card) to see if the monitor was the problem with a digital connection, and it wasn't. Everything displayed fine. Tried it connected to the PC with the issue again and booting up, but nothing.

So without another PCI Express card to test with, I can only assume it's either the card or mobo.

The Card: Palit 9800 GSO 768MB (Nvidia chipset)

Motherboard: Asus A8N32-SLI DELUXE

WTF is my terrible luck lately with ****. :(