View Full Version : UnrealEd out of UT box-

25th Nov 1999, 11:27 PM
I've gotten UnrealEd started up and working fine, but having some other major probemlos with it. Some noticable probs are that I can't put player start actors into my level, they just don't show up in any views. Other actors, weapons, lights, etc are not visable in the 3d view. Another noticable problem, sides of brushes tend to disapear completely, without my intervention. I am unable to select them as well. Any advice/help will be extrememly, er, helpful. Thanks to ya'll in advance!


27th Nov 1999, 11:33 AM
Ok, the following is all assumption since I don't have UT yet (working on it!)

In the 3d view, click on Actors=>Full Actor View. I can only assume that it's defaulted to Hide Actors.

When you say sides of brushes, do you mean in the 3d view or in any view? If it's the 3d view then rebuild the level and see if it happens again.

If not then go into the 3d view, click on Mode=>Map Persp. If it's not there then click on the toolbar the Drawing Region:Off button (it's got a square with the words Off in it).

I'll go into more when I get UT. I don't really feel like getting it from Wal-mart since they overcharge everything.

28th Nov 1999, 05:33 PM
I'm useing the UT editior and am having similar problems. I can add lights and other things, but sometimes playerstart is a no go. I also get an error message when validating the level, when I can get a player start, that the playerstart script is out of date. I chose the recompile script option and after a long wait, the program crashing (may have been my fault for effing with it while it was unresponsively working) and restarting all seems to be working again. The problem seems to come and go. Hopefully the script thing fixed the problem (fingers crossed).