View Full Version : circular hallway question

28th Nov 1999, 12:47 AM
I'm creating a circular room with a circular hallway surrounding it, seperated by hallways to and fro. Unfotunately the circular hallway freaks out and does not show the floor in places, in other places you can see the floor, but fall through. And in other places the geometry is off.
The circular hallway has flat areas, areas with gentle slopes, and areas with straight drops. I've tried a straight tube with added geometry, a single clean subtracted cylinder (vertexes manipulated for height).

Any ideas? What am I doing that is making it freak?


28th Nov 1999, 03:34 AM
Thanks. I got the hallway to work. It seemed that the vertical drops were the problem. What I did was to raise one section of the floor up and pull the next section along the hallway underneath it for the vertical drops I neded. I pulled the bottom pairs out a little bit and it seems to work now.

28th Nov 1999, 08:39 AM
I think it would be better if you used the 2D shape editor instead to create circular hallways. Try http://unreal.gamedesign.net/tutorials/3/wolftut3.html
This tutorial will teach you how. Good luck!

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