View Full Version : Skybox or not?

22nd Nov 1999, 11:45 PM
I want to make a sun roof type thing in my level - a spot where where the sky is visible through a hole in the roof. Can this be done without the use of a skybox? (If I just use a sky texture it looks like a close brush instead of a distant one.)

Thanks for any help.

23rd Nov 1999, 12:10 AM
Make the box above big...treat it like you would a sky box - add a plane brush and texture it with clouds. If you aren't overly worried about the frame-count add birds and overhanging plants/trees near the orifice.

23rd Nov 1999, 12:31 AM
okay, I'll try

23rd Nov 1999, 11:33 PM
yeah, skyboxes always should be used because they just look a whole hell of a lot better than just one texture.

have you noticed that "hell of a" doesn't make sense in most cases that it is used. But some how it still fits. must be just one of those universal phrases.