View Full Version : Skinner / Texture Artist Needed Urgently

23rd Nov 1999, 06:10 PM
I am Urgently looking for a skinner / texture artist or even just a texture artist to make realistic textures for my weapon models for a new Unreal Tournament mod 'Mortality' I know you guys are out there and i know it may be boring but i have loads of weapons (military and Sci-Fi) that need textures and I garauntee that with your help this could be the best mod for a long time, We are practically redoing everything, I already have two Multiplayer models that have hundreds of new animations and the weapons are amazing (to be modest)....If your interested or just curious visit our webpage at www.unrealnation.net/crystal. (http://www.unrealnation.net/crystal.)

If your interested in the job contact me or Fishface (all mailto links are on the webpage)