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20th Nov 1999, 05:08 AM
I've been an drawing since I was born (18 years) and I've been doing digital art with several programs. I've been getting very interesting in Skinning and Texturing lately, and I would like to start do some.
Right now I mainly use:
Hand Drawing
Fractal Paint
Is there anything else I need to start doing Skins and Textures, also are there any good tutorials that can help me to get started?
Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to see a few samples of my artwork: http://www.gameart.com/results.asp?field=all&term=Michael+Mik+Fallik&x=25&y=13

If the above offended you, you shouldn't have read it.

20th Nov 1999, 11:33 AM
This mainly applies to textures but it's important none the less. Learn to get the textures to tile horizontally and vertically. Mappers will love you for this. I don't know if Photoshop has any tools or features that can help there but if it doesn't take a look at Wally (www.telefragged.com/wally/). Even though it's intended for only Q2 and HL it still has a couple of features that other programs don't have, that are useful for making textures.

For skins I'ld take a look at Painful Detail (http://www.unreality.org/painfuldetail/).

I'm sure Darkleige (I'm gonna keep butchering that name) has a lot of useful information for you.

20th Nov 1999, 10:41 PM
close enough, Wanderer.

Well, actually, all you really need to know is how the models work with the game and how the skins wrap around them. That is the biggest challenge. then you must anticipate how the model is going to distort that skin. a way to find out is to compare a screenshot of a finished skin (while in game) and the actual skin. you will be able to see how things bend.

Textures, i don't do much of, but as wanderer said, it is a must to be able to tile textures properly. I, sadly, don't have a program that allows me to do this very well. I might have to pick up wally. Another thing is depth. and i see from the examples you gave the link to, you have it. What I suggest for your skining and texturing is that you need to lose the hard black line. it defines your subjects very well in the pics, but wouldn't work well in games

that is all I can tell you. just try to read all the tutorials you can find and to keep working at it.

to tell you the truth, i'm a lot better at traditional art. i only started computer art (seriously) and animation early this year. I guess taking those AP art classes early paid
off (and paid for some college!)
never thought you would be getting lessons from a 15 year old did ya! /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif ah, but alas, a wise 15 year old am I.

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