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10th Nov 1999, 07:14 PM
OK, I've changed the pcx files into utx ones. I've created another file Female1Skins_drl.utx so I don't overwrite the original. Now what do I do?

10th Nov 1999, 08:35 PM
well now you create an .int file that is the EXACT same name as your .utx file. Now in that file write the line "Object=(Name=Female1Skins_drl.X,Class=Texture)"

Now where the X is, that is where you put the name of the skin at. That should do it. just look for it in the game.

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Aridale N. Belmont
11th Nov 1999, 02:10 AM
Howd you get PU Veteran on yours Dark?


11th Nov 1999, 09:17 AM
The user database is the same as some other one somewhere. I forget where but I know that much /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

12th Nov 1999, 03:27 AM
Infiltration also uses the gamespy forums, so my posts carried over from there

12th Nov 1999, 05:54 PM
thank you for your help...I don't know why I didn't see that!

12th Nov 1999, 11:35 PM
No problem. anytime. Don't know as much as wanderer or ari, but i have some infomation in my thick skull /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

13th Nov 1999, 09:55 AM
Darkleige, you knew how to use custom skins, that's something I never knew. And I'm gonna end up adding that to the list of stuff that will be added to the FAQ. And credit will be given where due /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

13th Nov 1999, 02:49 PM
I meant in general, you guys know more than me. Since skin and texture creation and editing is what i do in my free time, its just natural that i must know. Hell, i don't even know how to make a mover loop or use most triggers.

16th Nov 1999, 10:33 PM
What program(s) do you recommend for skins, weapons, etc.? I looked at 3D Studio Max - very expensive...what are your thoughts?

17th Nov 1999, 09:06 PM
There are always ways around pricetags. For instance if you're honest and a college student go to www.edu.com. (http://www.edu.com.) They've got some good deals if you make the qualifications. On the other hand if you want a copy of 3d Studio Max I can help in that department. Albeit you officially throw all morals out the window.

Textures I'ld look for a program that will let you tile the picture and edit like that (ie: a 9 image tiled so that when you edit one all of them are effect, ala Wally).

Wally is a decent free paint program. Intended mostly for Half Life and Quake2 but it works in a pinch.

Jasc Print Shop Pro 6 has a lot of good features but the lack of the ability to tile the image kinda hurts for knowing if a texture will tile properly.

I don't know about Adobe Photoshop is a program I've only dabbled with in the distant past so whatever I know is very likely to old or non-existant.

19th Nov 1999, 03:17 AM
even paint shop pro 6 works descently. you can get a 30 day free trial with all the functions working. then if you're a good little boy or girl then you have to buy it, but if you're not then take it out of the registry. i think that would work.

20th Nov 1999, 12:11 AM
Thank you for your candid comments...I've very new to Skins and Unreal Script (for lack of a better term). I write programs for a living, but this language is taking me quite a bit of time to get used to...

I've been through the tutorials, but I want to know the code to the point where I KNOW what everything is doing.

Thank you once again!