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17th Nov 1999, 06:35 PM
Howdy doo. I was wondering if you need to purchase rights from 3D realms to use the Unreal game engine for your own original game. not a mod, but a game i was wanting to sell.

any info on this would be greatly appreciated. i don't want to sell a game and find out that it's illegal to sell the game using that engine, and end up in court if you know what i mean.


BTW, you can find out about the game at my company's site: smileygames.8m.com
The game is called Night Stalkers: Vampires Kiss.


17th Nov 1999, 09:13 PM
Yes, Epic (not 3d Realms, they do the Duke series) will happily charge you for the license to sell it. I suggest e-mail Mark Rein (**** how do you spell his name?) and getting information from him.

I don't know Mark Rein's e-mail address so you'll have to rummage through Epic's site and try to get some info from them.

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18th Nov 1999, 02:41 PM
There are several documents, many dated as regards UT, on the epic tech pages. http://.unreal.epicgames.com

As for dollar amounts you'd have to talk to Mark. They are including tons of new material with a license though and it covers a lot of technology. You might also get in touch with the guys at AlienLegion and NeXS? I think they have some sort of license. Anyway you can always develop using Unreal then when you are ready to go commercial, obtain investors and a license. At least with Unreal you have access to almost everything you need to do a free demo. Good Luck!

18th Nov 1999, 06:17 PM
yea...i meant epic. couldn't think of the name. thanks for the info Wanderer and Githianki, i appreciate. the more i find out, and the faster i find it out, the sooner a release of a demo or test of NS:VK will be out.