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19th Aug 2009, 10:29 PM
Alright, I am having a problem with the editor.

I am trying to make a rather large CTF map for UT3 based on a UT2004 map, "Bridge Of Fate".

I decided to make a fleshed out 1/2 map, then just copy the whole thing, flip it, and paste it on the other end. This technique has worked fine in the past for maps of similar size. (Subtractive Method, Un-selecting the large giant mass, leaving everything else selected.)

Anyway, the problem as such is that the editor crashes ("Unreal Editor has stopped working, Windows is searching for a solution") when I try to copy and paste everything (Lights, Pathnodes, Brushes, Meshes, NavPoints, ect)

I tried plan B, which is to just copy and paste chunks of the map, (First the brushes, then the meshes.) everything was working fine until i tried to copy and paste all of the lights, which results in the editor crashing again. I would really like to avoid having to manually place the lights and path nodes if possible. This map has already taken 72 hours of my spare time, lol

This one is throwing me for a loop. My system is fairly good, (For 32bit anyway, Core2quad 2.4, 4gig ram, radeon 4670 1gig, my only gripe with it is Vista =P) but i guess it could be a memory issue. (While running the resourse monitor, the ram useage during the paste action tends to spike, once it gets to 2.9 gig or higher, the editor crashes, but the rest of the computer is fine) Making the page file bigger has no real effect.

I have tried deleting the ini for the editor, and completely re-installing the game and editor. If anyone has any exp with a similar error I would appreciate any suggestions.

20th Aug 2009, 08:53 AM
Did you try to duplicate the lights switching to Wireframe mode first? If you're in Lighting mode and suddenly add a lot of lights to the map, the editor may crash... I dunno...
Doing a full map rebuild before duplicating might also help... :rolleyes:

20th Aug 2009, 08:59 AM
Could always stream in the two halves together, rather than trying to manipulate it as one whole map at once- create a new copy of your level, rotate it, stream it into the original...

26th Aug 2009, 04:00 PM
actually, I found something that fixed the problem.

I took a few steps back and let it set for a week, then came back to it. Just to see what would happen, I changed the "No Propagation" tab to "Local", and then everything worked fine...


Like 90% of my other problems, its always something small and stupid that I overlooked

Thanks for your help, and I hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem.

Shivan Hunter
26th Aug 2009, 10:45 PM
Just need to say...

Subtractive Method


Using Additive Method and making the surrounding box a LOT smaller would probably work wonders for your lighting build time.

27th Aug 2009, 11:00 AM
if you already started in substractive mode you can just select the big blue box that fills the whole world and scale it down so that its just big enough to surround your level. then select all its surfaces, apply remove surface material and set light map resolution to 65k