View Full Version : StaticMeshActor Skins & Texturing issues

30th Jun 2009, 07:54 AM
Hi, i'm very new to the whole unreal editing concept as i'm used to source engine mapping. After reading a lot of wiki pages I still can't figure some things out.

Currently I have no clue how to add multiple materials to 1 model, and how to switch between skins.

What should be skin00

What should be skin01

My next problem would be how to add reflections & specularity on certain parts of the model. In 3dsmax I just simply add a grayscaled version (where white means more specularity) of the uvw unwrap to the specular channel and it works, unfortunately this doesn't work at all for unrealedit... :(

Could someone help me out with these problems ?
All help is greatly appreciated...

7th Dec 2009, 02:35 PM
I wish that i could find out about reflectivity as well not just mirrors i just want a shiny metals and for adding more than 1 texture to a mesh i would just put a pane in front of one and add a texture that as well

this probably won't help at all