View Full Version : UE1 - UT Can you not have more than one rotating mover in a map??

6th Jun 2009, 12:40 PM
Okay, after giving up on my last map due to an unsolved problem, I decided to start a new one:


The flag has a rotating ring around it, which has yaw, pitch, and roll, relatively fast, so it moves wildly all around the flag, and kills the player if the player touches the ring. So the player has to be tricky and jump through the ring and grab the flag and make it to the platform below without touching the ring.

Here's the thing that's pissing me off - there's a ring around the blue flag and a ring around the red flag, but the only one that shows up visible in game is whichever one is last on the BSP tree. If I set the red ring to "order > last" then it will render in game but the blue one will not. But I go back to the editor and set the blue ring to "order > last" it renders in game but not the red one!

Is this game engine really this ****ing worthless? All I want are two movers in my map, it's a simple map, just a subtracted cube, a sky box, some platforms, and two movers - not much to ask for, but this game engine can't even do that?

7th Jun 2009, 02:41 AM
hey don't say **** to the engine, it pwnz xD

7th Jun 2009, 04:03 AM
Okay I resolved this on my own, just had to simplify the brush and make it out of editor shapes instead of imported brushes to lower the poly count. So the problem is that the game engine sucks.

7th Jun 2009, 04:27 AM
Hey, it's UE1, so what do you expect? If you want better support for complex shapes, use UE2 or UE3 instead, where non-cylinder collision shapes don't require creating brushes.