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10th Nov 1999, 04:37 PM
What file format does Unreal and UT use for Models? I know I'm gonna need something like 3D Studio Max...but how do I get it into the file format that Unreal and UT use?


Aridale N. Belmont
10th Nov 1999, 06:19 PM
The format is .unr and its a special format for only Unreal. You can mdl in anything that can export to .3ds and use the converter called interestingly enough 3ds2Unr to convert all the frames of the animation and the mdl to .unr format with a .u for all the importing, etc into Unreal Via UEd and/or Unreal -make. Theres PLENTY more help than I can give at some mdl sites out there just check around. Theres a new plugin for Max that allows you to just mdl and animate in Max and use the plugin to export everything correctly into Unreal. If I had or could get Max Id be or more help but ::shrugs::


10th Nov 1999, 07:00 PM
Hey, Thanks!!!

19th Jan 2001, 09:24 AM
There's information on the Unreal engine old (non-skeletal) model formats at Chimeric (http://www.planetunreal.com/chimeric).

In case anyone's interested.

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