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Psycho Sam
5th Mar 2009, 11:41 AM
Hey guys, firstly great mod you have going on here.:cool:

I am at university at the moment studying Computer Game Design and I am especially interested in Level design. I am making a puzzle game in UT3 similar to the Ball and it is also set in Aztec surroundings (honestly I only found this mod after I had started!) and I was wondering whether you could use any of the Art I am having to make.

Im not some super next gen artist I am afraid as making my own assets is something new for me and its a really good learning experience. Anyhow when I have the stuff finished I will have to post some shots and you are welcome to use it should it meet your rigorous standards. :D

PS: At the very least you could maybe give me some critisms. :P

5th Mar 2009, 01:53 PM
Yeah sure, feel free to post shots of your work and you never know really. I think the biggest thing with our env art is not neccy the quality, but the consistency. Many of our env models are really simple and low poly really, but they are all made in the same way, and they are consistent. I think getting that right, and making your stuff blend in entirely may be quite difficult. I made like 90 percent of all env art myself right now, mainly to safeguard that very consistency and making sure we don't get several styles and art approaches mixed up.

But hey, try. I don't know how it looks what you are making right now really. And critism is always possible of course.

Psycho Sam
12th Mar 2009, 09:45 AM
Ok here we go,

The first is a floor or wall decoration. Currently I am using it as a button. It has a normal and spec map and the inset is a seperate texture material so the image can be swapped out for anything you want.


The second probably is not very useful in its current state. The texture is not finished but as you can see I am trying to make it look "sci-fi" with the used of luminous blue on the texture (not sure whether its working). However it can be textured as plain old stone which would maybe be of use to you.


Let me know your thoughts. :)

14th Mar 2009, 01:58 PM
If the inset is a seperate texture, it may look better if you also add in a little extra border? So there is an edge between the yellow and the dark texture. Also I think you need to have more empty yellow space between the symbol, and the edge of the mesh. The symbol is too squeezed in atm.

Yeah stuff that gives off light wouldn't work for us, but it would probably work for your own project. I think the background texture is too flat and neutral, it feels like a dark brown color with a pattern overlay from Photoshop blended on. I would look for a high res stone texture and blend that over instead.

14th Mar 2009, 09:34 PM
the textures are lacking a dirty and used touch at the moment, as hourences already said. also the lines and patterns in the second one forming the circle look loose and kind of random. also, the glow and »sci fi« style don't work with The Ball in my opinion.
however, i like the atztec illustrations itself, more exactly the illustration of the first one an the face in the middle of the second one.

Psycho Sam
23rd Mar 2009, 09:28 AM
Ok cheers, I will make some changes. :)

Been a week without internet due to moving house. :(