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4th Nov 2008, 10:13 AM
This is something I thought about possibly trying in a gametype I called surge which was sort of a spinoff of INV:

Spawn a ball sort of monster, kinda floats around and doesn't do much... unless you bump it and then boom. Alternatively if you can damage it enough it will go boom on it's own... making it usefull as a means of damaging or destroying other mobs.

Variations of the idea were to make it sort of a pandora's box mob were destroying it via damage would result in it spewing it's contents maybe some good stuff (armor, weapons, and ammo) or possibly even other enimies.

Like I said that came from a mod concept I tried to pull together for UT2K4 and then for UT3... neither really went anywhere. So feel free to use any of the ideas if you think they would be of use to your INV.

Also if you want to see the concept sketches for the ball mob it should be easy 4 me to dig them up.

(This project kinda died due to all of the other people except myself became haneously busy with other projects and couldn't commit any time to it. So no I am not trying to recruit people here. The following title is just a label for identification purposes.)

Recruitment thread.