View Full Version : this thing needs a time attack mutator

30th Sep 2008, 09:57 AM
First time i played the game i dindt know that default game rules as bot count or number of frags affected gameplay so when i launched, there were bots... so i saw bots fightning on the map and i exited the game and launched it again,

the second time i played i didnt realized, but the 20 minutes limit on the dm map still was applied, so when i was playing, after 15 minutes, solving one of the jigsaws i heard "5 minutes warning" and i though.... actually... so cool, i have to think faster!!!!

i found myself replaying the game again and again with time limit to know if i can beat it in less time

if wouldn be cool if you have some type of mutator or something to encourage players to finish on a given time, if not the players dies or something, and you could have a chronometre to record times replaying games and seeing how fast you can finish it...

please, take it in consideration,

30th Sep 2008, 04:32 PM
Actually the mod isnt suppose to end when the time runs out, it announces the end of the match, but nothing should happen when the time passes.

We thought about adding this, and prolly will in the future, but we cant finish that feature for this release. It also requires a new scoreboard and all that. We also thought about giving you a score like ONP did, and the score is based on the time spend + number of times you had to push the ball + number of times you died.

We will prolly add all of this in part 3 or part 4.

30th Sep 2008, 06:10 PM
i knew it anounces the end of the match, i said that it was the 20 minutes limit of the usual deatchmatch mode that i forget to set to 0,

but when that happened and i found it cool so i make the suggection to add it officialy as a feature and with the details.

Good luck with the mod, im waiting for the next release.