15th Sep 2008, 08:30 PM
Unfortunately, I won't be the one makin this map, as I don't know how, and very soon I'll be workin a full time shift + studyin, so I pretty much won't have any time for anythin except on the weekends. But I think it would be interestin if someone decided to take up this idea and make it a reality. Here's the basic concept:

- UT99 of course! UT2004 compatibility is optional, but not necessary. I only have UT99 anyway, so if it was 2004, then I wouldn't be able to play this stage. :(

- An apartment building, with 3 to 4 floors.

- Every floor Must have no less than 4 apartments in it, each apartment must have no less than 3 rooms in it (living room, bedroom, bathroom). Every apartment MUST have at least one room with windows in em (some open, some with breakable glass). Also, to add to the theme of the map, it would make sense that certain things may be seen in certain apartments, such as drugs and/or drug labs (good spot to place health items or dmg amplifier), weapons/ammo laid out on beds, shelves, or in closets, and some armor found in a few places in the buildin, such as in a garbage chute room, in someone's closet, etc.

- Every floor must have realistic hallways, which are basically somewhat narrow, and there must be a stairway on each end of the hallway, which obviously goes from the lobby all the way to the top floor. However, only ONE of the stairways must have a ladder leadin to an openin in the ceiling, which leads to the roof of the building. It would probably make sense to add a sniper rifle here, with max ammo layin nearby, or a rocket launcher with some ammo.

- For a realistic touch, some of the floors must have well-lit hallways, others have dimly lit hallways.

- On certain floors, the stairway will be poorly lit, on other floors, well lit. This is for a realistic touch as well, as you've probably noticed that in apartment buildings, not every floor has the stairway lit up perfectly on every floor.

- Every floor MUST have a garbage chute room. This is for realism, as well as possible locations for certain weapons/powerups. But whether you can go down the chute or not is optional, but it would probably be amusin (yet somewhat realistic) that if you enter the chute, you fall down a long vertical tube, and die (maybe in lava or somethin LOL). Also, EVERY garbage chute room must be well lit.

- The lobby must be well lit, and there must be ONE apartment on the lobby, bein the one for the landlord/superintendent or whatever. A laundry room is optional, but would be well appreciated. Also, a mailroom would be very nice, but this is optional.

- I'm hopin for an elevator of some sort, that could take you to any of the floors, but this would be tricky. An idea I have though is that you press a button to call the elevator to you, then when inside the elevator, you can press a button on either the left or right side of elevator, one to keep goin up, the other to keep goin down. But this is just an idea, dunno if it could work.

- Since I'm hopin you can go on the roof of the building via a ladder in one of the stairways on the top floor, it would make sense to allow players to exit the buildin as well. I don't expect the area around the buildin itself to be too large, though, as most of the fun should be concentrated on the inside of the buildin. The building should have 3 exits, the first bein the roof (but if this is a buildin with many floors, then jumpin off is most likely goin to hurt you or kill you), the front doors in the lobby, and a door in one of the stairways (ground floor only, of course). Also, a parking lot behind the buildin would be VERY nice to include. But a MUST should be a dumpster - EVERY apartment buildin has at least one dumpster, lol.

- The most commonly found weapons in here must be the enforcer (or if this cannot be put as a pickup, then tons of ammo at least), the minigun, the flak cannon and the sniper rifle. There should also be at least 2 rippers located somewhere in the map (as they would make hallways a deadly fight zone).

- The more futuristic weapons, such as the GES biorifle, the shock rifle and the pulse gun should be less common / harder to find, etc.

- There should be only ONE rocket launcher, although it shouldn't be made too hard to find. The real reward is the next one..

- A redeemer should be well hidden somewhere in one of the apartments, like in a closet or somethin. You may be wonderin what good will a redeemer be in a close-quarter environment with narrow hallways and such, but think about the amazin results of goin up the stairway to a floor you know is filled with enemies, then openin the door and seein the bad guys on the other end of the hallway, and you fire and immediately run downstairs. This would pretty much vaporize anyone who was in the hallway and didn't get out in time, lol. And obviously the redeemer should be the hardest to locate of all the weapons in the game.

- There should be ONE and only one invisibility item located somewhere in the buildin. This is to add a very scary feel for those who hear doors open or notice weapon fire but have no freakin clue who is sneakin up on them. Makes the gameplay a lot more intense, and adds to the atmosphere.

- There should be NO background music for this stage. Everythin should rely on the atmosphere the map itself gives off. However, at least one of the apartments should have a loop of a song playin from one of the rooms, preferably either a rap, hard rock/metal, or techno song, to add to the theme of the map. I have 3 mp3s that I could send to whoever decides to take up this project, so ask me about them if you'd like to hear any of them for that loop (you choose whic of the 3 to use). And by the way, it would obviously make sense that the music plays from either a livin room or a bedroom. And also, the music is obviously gonna be a sound effect, NOT background music, like I had already mentioned.

- The respawn points MUST NOT be in hallways or stairways. Good respawn locations would be the roof, outside the buildin somewhere (parkin lot behind buildin is good idea), lobby, garbage chute rooms, and in apartments.

- This should be a fairly large stage, so I'm guessin it should be good for 8 - 12 players maybe.

I REALLLLLY hope someone makes this a reality for me. I think it would be a very interestin style of map for the game, and would add a claustrophobic feel to the game, as well as a feelin of paranoia, not knowin where your opponent might be hidin, or who might sneak up on you suddenly and blast you to death, very much so like a police raid, or people infiltratin an enemy gang's headquarters. This map MIGHT be an interestin idea for assault as well, but it is way better for deathmatch.