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27th Aug 2008, 07:22 PM
I have several 'bugs' that have been reported, some of them from several versions ago. Also we have recently had UT3 Patch 3 released. Can anyone confirm if they are still having any of these issues?

* In online games, players will connect, and get to the map view prior to the "Pre-cache" message, and then it disconnects them
* BiaVote hangs when the players lose the game instead of going directly to the map vote
* Game spawns a bot even with "numplay=0" in BiaVote
* Sometimes when all the players die the game does not end
* At end of wave, when you kick into overtime, a certain number of monsters just immediately die off
* When bringing up the score screen "F1" on the server, players beyond 6 were not listed


- Galtanor

28th Aug 2008, 08:55 PM
When u said biavote hangs(i dont know what you mean but...the biavote doesnt show up automatically but then another player has joined the game and then the biavote comes up when that player dies:eek: