View Full Version : UT2kX VCTF-{UEM}-ZAll

11th Aug 2008, 03:09 AM
Hey guys,how are you all ?!:)

I suppose you still remember the UEM Clan,well they are still looking for new members with mapping skills and recently they got a new member,his name is Sucus.This is Sucus's first map for you guys,it is just a VCTF map with a lot of fun.Don't be so hard guys,everything takes time in life,like mapping and we all have to learn much stuff,so it would be great to read some comments from you about his map.:)

Download: VCTF-{UEM}-ZAII (http://uem.at.gg/)

It is the same thing like last time,just click on the download link,then you get on the homepage of their clan,then click on Downloads and there you go.:)

Thanks in advance for downloading and I hope you guys will enjoy this map.:)

4th Sep 2008, 10:46 AM
I dont like name of this map.