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5th Jul 2008, 09:20 AM
my name is Murphy and I have a map to show you...
I posted the same thread in the epicforums too. I hope this doesn't come off as rude.
Anyway, on to the map:

In-Game Mapdescription:
"A rather small and insignificant planet in the vincinity of Plural ZZ Beta has recently gained immense popularity among tourists and Tournament fans. As expected it wasn't the dog**** weather that kept the people's interest and no, they didn't come for the golden glowing dirt either:
What attracted them was the successfull execution of a government's plan to build and establish an arena for the Tournaments in order to bite off the cake of their immense financial success. An old and utterly unremarkable underground temple structure was found, lazily restaurated and given a made-up historical importance due to the role it supposedly played in some obscure events involving an alien race that sounds suspiciously like random letters. The arena made some headlines when several warriors were killed by poisonous spiders living down there so the Liandri Corp. bought the now scandalous and therefore profitable arena and made it the one and only highlight of the planet!"

My mapdescription:
CTF-Wasnuni is a symmetrical CTF level in the style of an old but lazily restaurated temple structure inside an underground cave. While I took a lot of inspiration from maps like Idoma, Eternal (UC2), Whisper (UC2), the style is not a copy of either of those maps but just my re-interpretation of an already existing theme. At least that was my intention. I hope it doesn't come off as a rip-off.
The basic layout is not taken from an older map but an idea of my own. It is cubic in nature with each base basically consisting of five interconnected cubes. 1on1-Sprite was one of the sources of inspiration when I thought of ways to make a cube-layout interesting to play and to look at.
Between the bases there is a small piece of open cave with a river running through it from time to time.



Please feel free to post any criticism you want to get off your chest! I can handle it so there is no need for the velvet gloves. Tell me your honest opinion. I will consider your points and if they make sense to me I will try to change the map accordingly (unless it's too much work...)

Suggestions regardling the item-placement are especially welcome. Just to give you a general idea of my skill-level: I can beat one Masterful bot IF I know the map I fight him on. So I'm nowhere near pro-level, so some advice regarding the item-placement from someone who knows more about the gameplay than I do would help a great deal.

It would also be helpful if someone who has a grip on the English language could take a look at the map description above and tell me whether there are any grammatical anomalies or orthographic perversions in it and how I would have to fix them.

If you have something positive to say about it, please don't hesitate and post that too. If not to stroke my ego then at least to tell others about it. :)

CTF-Wasnuni: Download from Filefront (http://files.filefront.com/CTF+Wasnuni+Betarar/;10933247;/fileinfo.html)

Have fun with this but please leave a few comments, too!

5th Jul 2008, 03:30 PM
Haha what are those custom adrenaline pickups? Some kind of a can? I can't tell from the pic. :)

6th Jul 2008, 03:35 AM
Just some sort of unidentifyable canister. I made it because I didn't like the aggressive-looking red stock pills.
If enough people complain about it (because I don't think it'll work with mutators that alter the regular adrenalin pills) I'll replace it with regular pills in the Final. If not I'd be happy to keep it because I think it fits the style better.

7th Aug 2008, 12:09 PM
I updated the first post with a link to a youtube video showing the map in action.

The final version is basically sitting here, waiting to be released, but I still want to see a little more feedback on the beta just to make sure.