View Full Version : <{xan}>iSenSe` is kicked because of an illegal hook

25th Jun 2008, 12:19 PM
there u got it ;)

i cheat as hell :lol:
on my clan server i get kicked out by utdc21
i tried disabling my processes on the background 1 by 1 and reconnected to the server, but it keeps kicking me. so i disabled my antivirus (norman) .. unfortunatly it didnt help.. :(
so i disabled some services running on the background of my system (start>run>services.msc) ... but also that didnt help..
so i thought... damn.. now i have to reinstall my UT.. so did that..and didnt help as well. o_O wtf wth

does utdc stores a log anywhere which contains more info which file he detected or something ?

and pls pls pls dont gimme an answer like
''maybe you should try to disable your aimbot'' :lol:

thanks for your time

.. its solved.. wth..

my clanleader sended my his copy of UT a few days ago.
when i loaded his UT up, and entered the server i didnt get kicked
so i replaced his system folder with mine.
and now its not kicking me anymore, so it must be a file which was in my system folder..
and i had a clean install.. lol.. oo well iam glad its solved :)

29th Jun 2008, 12:58 PM
Than its likelly a file on your CD itself that got corrupted/damaged....