View Full Version : UE2 - UT2kX Books about UnrealScript development

16th Jun 2008, 05:03 AM
Hi all...

I was trying to get some books about UT / UnrealScript development. So far I've found these books:

Unreal Tournament Game Programming for teens
- contains the very basics of US programming - mainly enhancing your in-UnrealEd-added-static-objects - configuring trigger, etc... There is nothing about dynamicaly spawned actors, replication or etc. Not a good book for modding (maybe somehow usefull for rookies though).

Mastering Unreal Technology The art of Level Design
- now this is WoW book. Really a LOT of information about level modeling - even some talk about UT Karma physics engine. Unfortunately, this book is oriented on level design and not at UnrealScript development... Not that much usefull information for modders.

Third book:
UnrealScript game programming all in one
- dont have that, but from the reviews I undestood it is fairly bad and adresses different topics, that the modders would be interested in (basically it is a guide for learning programming in general). Again not a good choice for modders.

None of these books has satisfied my lust for UnrealScript knowledge. :-) I would like to have some book adressing issues like dynamic spawning of actors along with replication. Examples of network code, dynamic emittors working correctly on all the clients and etc. All of these can be often found on unreal wiki or on this forum, but the guides are not always complete, or adress different problem, or are not general enough to understand the problematics - I would really like to see through the UnrealScript and game mechanics...

Does anyone of you know some other book of UnrealScript programming, that would adress really advanced and complex features needed by modders, etc. ? I am afraid that there is no such book, but I wanted to be sure.