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23rd May 2008, 06:42 PM
Name: CTF-Isometric
Version: final
Compatibility: PC

Description: Set in an abandoned Liandri liquid extraction facility. Which is now used for tournaments (wow how creative ;)) . The name stems from the symmetrical layout and (i hope) balanced gameplay. The term isometric comes from the Greek term for "having equal measurement".

Comments: This is my first UT3 map, so there was a lot of on the job training. This map was built for the online community, so I hope it's fun to play. thanks to those who commented and tried the beta. Some of the suggestions improved it.

download: http://files.filefront.com/CTF+Isometriczip/;10296183;/fileinfo.html" title="CTF-Isometric.zip


http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_1t.jpg (http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_2.jpg)

http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_2t.jpg (http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_1.jpg)

http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_3t.jpg (http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_3.jpg)

http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_4t.jpg (http://www.p3rplx3d.com/maps/CTF-Isometric/isometric_4.jpg)

Credits: Hourences tutorials ,BU forums and Epic forums and to some community maps for inspiration.

8th Dec 2008, 04:27 PM
this is a cool map, good for medium sized action - i have it up on my server and it plays very well - nice work thanks!

4th Dec 2012, 08:48 PM
needs player load and author name in preview shot; I see why the name now and interesting with armor at sort of off-center locations and flak cannon in center with teleporter also; awesome layout with multiple paths and lots of fun (probably even more online); like the details, lighting and trim; my bots can defend but the other bots need help.