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10th May 2008, 03:52 PM
I have a few more questions... Mostly about mutators. Is it possible to define mutator priority, like in UT1? It would be better to have Mapmixer the highest, as ChaosUT 2 seems to be conflicting and won't show the map's author and description on load.
Another mutator question, how do you make weapons cycle instead of being replaced? Like when you see a Flak, after some time it changes into MUG, then after some more time it changes to U2 Grenade Launcher. ChaosUT has it, is there a simple way to get that effect?
Also a question on assigning - how do weapons know what ammo they should use? I know that ammo has the InventoryClass property, but if weapons knew their ammo, WoRM 2004 would be able to replace the other ammo with the needed ones. And somehow it does that well on other weapons. By the way, how to make WoRM recognise the mod? Make a mutator or something?
And a model question - how do you set the rotation of weapons in the 3rd person view (bots)? As all of the U2 weapons now seem to be turned right to the direction they aren't supposed to look, needs 180 degree spin on the Z axis (probably Z, maybe on others too). It's a simple DefaultProperty of WeaponAttach, right?
By the way, would like to say that my first script runs OK, almost as good as I wanted it to! Bots now use those shiny enhanced powerful Unreal 2 weapons! Only 4 converted though, and I think Grenade Launcher needs to get back to the U2 rotating state, but no idea how to achieve that, and the Flame Thrower might be tricky (though MUG is really imperfect as well... Why do all CUT2 weapons look like toys? U2 weapons have solid-looking meshes at least).

11th May 2008, 06:27 AM
Yea, it was a simple property of WeaponAttach.
But other questions remain... Anyone have an answer to at least a single one?