View Full Version : A post of two halves...

-SC- Firestorm
6th Dec 1999, 03:26 AM
Right well here's the first bit...

Wow!!! UT absolutely ****ing rocks! I mean, Assault alone is one of the best things that have appeared in a game ever.. and that coastline one with the huge gun cave (AS-Overlord i think) is classic!
CTF-Facing Worlds and its lovely snipery bits is great, and that Galleon is one really cool level!

but.. here's the second part..

the ONLY problem i got with my UT is ngSTATS, because its gone a bit buggery on me. i'm on about the local one, not the worldwide one.

because i have played many a botmatch, but it hasnt recorded anything.. its a bit of a bummer cuz i wanna see the highest scoring games and stuff but it wont record anything.
i have already done the following things..
- checked in the options to see if local stat logging is on
- reset it by clearing the data dir
- sworn at my computer for being awkward :-)

so could anyone help me there?

over and out...
-{SC} Firestorm-