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The Toastman
4th Jun 2000, 06:20 PM
I'm looking to upgrade my aging G400MAX to either a Voodoo5 5500 or GeForce2GTS. All of the reviews I have seen shows the GF2 whooping the V5 EXCEPT IN UT! Add to that the fact that I have heard of a lot of people have problems with GF2 and UT and I get nervous about the GF2. However, I like the GF2s feature set better. Hmmm. What I would like is some input from people using GF or GF2 cards on UT performance and problems, as well as any other opinions on V5 vs GF2.
FYI, I like to play at 800x600x32 max detail settings (volumetric light on, high detail tex, etc.) I currently get around 35fps. My CPU is a K7-700 w/128 megs PC133 RAM. Thx in advance!

Oh yeah. How do Geforce1/2 cards to in OpenGL vs D3D?

4th Jun 2000, 10:58 PM
I'm personally going to go with the GeForce2GTS.

Most of the problems that I've heard of was people who had Geforce 1 and 2's with the early K7 mother boards. They have since had drivers/bios upgrades that have resolved most of those problems.

I've got a Petium III 500 so I don't think I'm going to have any problems.

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5th Jun 2000, 01:18 AM
most of the reason UT is better with a V5 than a GF2 is 'cause UT's implementation of D3D and OGL suck compared to Glide. if you're only gonna wanna play UT, i'd say get a V3 and save a few hundred bucks.. but otherwise get a GF2.
i usually get an avg around 50fps in 640x480x32 on my GF, so i wouldn't be surprised if you could run UT at 8x6x32 fine.

and pete, i've upgraded everything that i can think of (I have a K7 mobo), and it still can't go a day without crashing multiple times per day;/

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The Toastman
5th Jun 2000, 02:20 AM
UTs glide renderer doesn't support 32-bit color, and the performance difference between glide and D3d for the v5 is almost non-existant. (See www.anandtech.com (http://www.anandtech.com) and visit the V5 review under graphics section for more on that.) That means running glide is out of the question for me, since I prefer 32-bit color. Maybe I should just stay with my G400...

5th Jun 2000, 03:25 AM
Yer i have a g400 not the max and compared to a tnt1 the quality ROCKS i dunno if it support bump mapping but it looks awesome im in the same boat in wanting either a geforce 2 cause the dvd playback on a tv is apparantly awesome as well..

the question i wanted to know is do you experiance any screen corruptions in ctf dreary and a few others its like really annoying as the screen like all of a sudden becomes blurred and you cant see crap...

has anyone out there experianced this before

i have a p3v4x ausus mb 128 x 2 hyandai no name ram a sblive full version sound card windows 2k with the latest bios on the card and 1004 beta 2 on the mb with a pIII 600eb fcpga with an msi converter board

please help me out if you can guys as UT is the only thing in my life that really matters i cant help myself im a addict.. im using version 4.20 but it also happened in 4.13

come on if you solve this issue ill send you a secreat prize..



5th Jun 2000, 05:33 AM
about the only cards I'm interested in is the V5 6000, and the ATI Radiance... sure they might cost a little bit more, but their speed is definately worth it

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5th Jun 2000, 06:07 AM
heh, go for the geforce2 man, i have a TNT2 ultra and i get fairly consistant 60 fps on 800x600x32 now. god knows what the geforce2 will do. the next unreal engine is supposedly supposed to be all but ditching glide and going full on d3d, something else to think of. at least that is what i heard, rooster will probably be along to say i am wrong and continue to tell me why in agonizing detail ;)

ummmm WAnk??

5th Jun 2000, 07:13 AM
Both the GeForce 2 and the V5 are good cards, you can't really go wrong with either.

If longevity isn't a concern then the V5 is a better choice since it has functional FSAA. It may not be as fast as the GeForce but it will have enough horsepower to last long enough if you plan on upgrading again in the not too distant future.

If you don't have the funds to upgrade every 9 to 12 months then the GeForce 2 is the better deal, not so much because of T&L but because of its stellar performance.
The reason why I say this is because the GeForce T&L leaves much to be desired and by the time real T&L games show up the GeForce solution will be less than optimal,ie..see ATI Radeon.

Another thing to consider is that alot of us haven't seen FSAA in action. Alot of reviewers have praised it and others have written it off.
Some reviewers have said, " Why run at 800x600 w/ FSAA at a performance hit when you can simply run at a higher resolution to eliminate the jaggies?"
FSAA is said to also eliminate texture popping, which I seem to get even at high resolutions, so the reasoning may not be entirely valid, I wish I had the resources to compare :(
I play alot of games other than UT, some which suffer horribly from jaggies and texture popping so FSAA looks promising to me.

I guess you can tell I've been racking my brain trying to decide which freakin card to buy, but I'm leaning towards the V5. *sigh*


5th Jun 2000, 07:35 AM
Well I made up my mine on this issue since I started seeing posts at other forums about folks already having problems with there new GF2's. Also T&L sounds like a nice feature but it's not really a now thing, maybe in another year or so.

BTW I preordered my V5-5500 from www.outpost.com (http://www.outpost.com) for $299.95 USD total price out the door no taxes and free overnight shipping via airborne, I should have the card by Friday noon. :)

5th Jun 2000, 08:40 AM
if you gona buy the geforce 2 dont buythe hercules. it seems that this card dont work so good with the ut.

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The Toastman
6th Jun 2000, 12:20 AM
Thx, lotsa good info. How about hearing some from actual GF2 users on how it runs with UT :) . I think the GF2 looks like a better over-all solution, but from what I have heard/seen, the V5 will be a better card for Unreal engine games. Supposedly the GF2 and V5 both have hardware-assisted DVD playback, but I haven't seen anything about a V5 with TV-out. Anyone know anything about that?

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6th Jun 2000, 02:44 AM
Seems like you got in a hurry and jumped the gun RW. You say you made up your mind because a few posted problems with GTS? Funny thing RW is that the V5 is not here yet. You don't assume that you will read posts with some having problems with it also? And you say you will get it by Friday noon? Are you sure about that? To my knowledge, it hasn't been released yet since 3dfects pulled them because of problems. Your decision making process seems a bit flawed to me. BTW, I'm GeForce 2 all the way.

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6th Jun 2000, 02:57 AM
Rw's Choice of Voodo5 is not flawed not even close to being flawed.

Its very simple.
The Voodoo5 has resumed shipping this was announced last week. So you're wrong about that.

There are a ton of UT engine based games coming. Deus Ex is one that is shipping at the end of this month.

UT is still Glide friendly yes.. But its been proven already with just about every test of a v5 that it actually outperforms a Geforce 2 in UT via d3d and this is in 32bit color.

Fsaa works and it works now and it works with like 99% of the games available past,present and future.

Voodoo5 is cheaper than Geforce2. And yes to some of us Cost is important.
Performance wise compared to a Geforce2 when it comes to most games..The difference is maybe 2-5 fps not enough of a difference to warrant spending more money on a Geforce2.
7 :)
T&L games can be counted on one hand.
8 :)
He can choose whatever he wants...and its still not a flawed decision.
9 :)
Geforce2 barely outperforms a GeforceDDr.
10 :)
3dfx has always released products that offer the best compatibility and stability plus great performance.

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6th Jun 2000, 09:08 AM
Two words:

Not again!


:o (sorry Jenny :))

6th Jun 2000, 09:41 AM

the only visual problems I get with the G400 are the apparently large number of HOMs. The card does look sweet, but the fps are nothing spectacular.

Have had problems with the new BIOS in Windows? Every now and again, the Start button gets activated for no reason.

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6th Jun 2000, 02:38 PM
I like you list Evilash, was very good and to the point, I myself am probably going with a V5. BTW I loved the Evil Dead series, its one of my favorites. "You aint leadin but two things..jack and **** and jack just left town!!!" (I think I got that right :)

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6th Jun 2000, 06:16 PM
I have the GF2, have not had one problem with any game. stay away from voopoo, the company is going into the toilet. besides...i saw a shot of the v5 6000....WTF you have to plug it into the friggin wall? frig that

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