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11th Feb 2008, 08:05 PM
Copied verbatim from the post on Epic's forums (http://forums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=602486):

Alright, after a long time in beta, I'm finally done with this map! :)


Name: CTF-Kokki
Author: Mark 'Gonk' Fanucci
Release date: 2/11/08
Type: CTF
Players: 8-16

CTF-Kokki is a very large, very open map that is essentially a Sniper's playground. The Sniper Rifle and Shock Rifle are very, very powerful here. If you don't watch your step you will be very, very dead.

Special Thanks

- Entil'Zha for cooking up the initial Keg spawning script in Kismet. You did an amazing job creating what is probably the best Kismet hack I've ever seen. :)
- AnubanUT2 for cooking the map for the PS3, only to repeatedly be frustrated by that platform's inability to load the map. E for Effort, and thank you regardless! :)
- Hourences for his tutorials.
- Everyone on these forums for the various discussions I found useful.
- Epic for UT3 and UED. I love UED so much...

I've added a few things since the final beta (beta 4), so I'll just plagiarize my own readme, because I'm lazy:

- Small amount of additional detail work.
- Bot pathing refinements.
- Weapon spawn changes:
- Rocket Launcher/Flak moved outside the bases.
- Sniper Rifle moved to second floor of bases.
- Link Gun moved inside bases, on ground floor.
- Stinger Minigun moved to second floor of bases.
- The chokepoint doors leading into and out of the flag area of each base are now somewhat less cramped, making it a little easier to get out with the flag, and a little harder to defend.
- Fire Emitters now clearly designate where the Keg O' Health is currently spawned. You can see tell where it is at a glance now!
- Minor lighting changes
- Added some more ammunition to the exterior mid-level path around the outside of the central building. It felt like there wasn't enough of a reason to go that way. :)
- Added a few more team-colored arrow indicators (but not too many) to alleviate any confusion about where you're headed.

I've tested it with both the old 1.1 patch, and the 1.2 beta patch, and it works fine. The bots are a bit less stupid with 1.2. :)

Gameplay Tips

- The Shield Belt is on the bottom floor of the central building, and fairly easy to grab on your way back to your base with the flag.
- The Keg O' Health is off on its own seperate rock island, which you can only reach by using your translocator. When you hear a gong sound, you'll know that it has spawned. The dragon statues on the proper island will spew flames when the Keg is spawned there!
- The Keg O' Health alternates. It will never be up in both places at once. When you grab it on one island, it will next spawn on the opposite island. The Fire-belching dragons are the easiest way to know where it is spawned!

PS3 Owners

I'm sorry, but the map just would not load on the PS3. Anuban tried very hard to get it to load, but it would crash every single time. There's not much I can do to alleviate that except radically changing the map's design, which I'm just not willing to do. If at some point in the future it becomes possible to get this map running on the PS3, I'll certainly make sure that happens, but right now it's just not going to. :(


One (http://img267.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kokki1ax6.jpg)
Two (http://img183.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kokki2wh4.jpg)
Three (http://img267.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kokki3md3.jpg)


PC DOWNLOAD HERE (Filefront) (http://files.filefront.com/CTF+Kokkizip/;9615795;/fileinfo.html)

There is no PS3 version available. Sorry. :(

11th Feb 2008, 08:27 PM
I remember seeing the betas of this map, but for some reason never downloaded them. I'll download the final though. :D

16th Feb 2008, 04:03 AM
Ok, finally time for a comment.

There are allot of bot issues in this map. On each flag room the jump pad leading up to the sniper point the bots will get stuck on it. Up in the sniper point the bots like to teleport across to the platform which leads you up to the big platform, but sometimes will get stuck in a loop of teleporting back and forth. Loops like this happen in many places on the map. However, usually giving them a shot in the butt breaks them of it, but in the sniper to platform situation nothing stops them from it. Well actually that is not true. If the opposite team grabs the flag that usually stops it.

Then there are blocking issues, like hey I just got stuck on that door or why can I go behind this door. There are however, a couple of really serious ones. Like there is holes all around the platform of each flag that you can find yourself getting stuck in if you don't either jump, or teleport right and miss the platform. Then there is the fact you can get under the bridges and hide from the enemies down there, maybe even get some kills. I personally went down there on accident and found myself stuck. I somehow got in between the bars under the bridge the first time this happened. Weird sense they are right below it. I must of jumped again when I was down there and jumped myself between the bars. Usually though you can go under there, hide and then just teleport yourself right back out when the enemy is gone(don't ask me how the bots don't see me down there)

Anyway,This map is too sniper friendly for my taste. I don't know, but in my opinion a map where snipers can shot across a huge portion of the map is annoying. Also there is one flag running route that makes the opposing team look horrible with just a couple of shock combos. Basically I feel you are putting to many snipers on the sniper spots which can get raped if taken from behind with just a shock combo. Then the flag runner just jumps over to the sniper roof line and shock combos anyone that is in front of him on it. Then down to the bridge, Shock combos the bots that are trying to cut him off on the big platform as soon as he gets over(usually this is the hardest part, because it doesn't usually take just one shock combo to get them all). Then through the building and over the last two bridges. Usually by then help as slowed down the opposing team and there is either no resistance in front of him or just one guy behind.

26th Feb 2008, 08:16 PM
this isnt the theme I go for but i need more CTF maps, im a bit iffy about it, it was a image on planet unreal that sold it to me.. i have high expectations, but ill give you feed back on this. it looks great, but seems a bit white out.. guess ill see when i get it. downloading. good work

Jelle Mees
18th Mar 2008, 10:24 AM
Liked the map, was pretty hard to get the flag, just the way I like it :D

There will be people with framerate problems though.

Oh yeah, I got stock at the blue teams flag. In the bushes in front of the flag platform. To bad you released the final version with this enoying bug.

4th Dec 2012, 10:49 PM
remake of Shangri-La (DM); needs preview shot; yes, this is a nice outdoor oriental-themed map that makes use of the stuff from Shangri-La and oriental buildings, blowing leaves, statues, cool designs, spherical lights, banners, flags, surrounding mountains, fitting music, bird sounds and some falling to your death; the gameplay is good and I didnít get stuck even near the doors or flags (just be careful to stay on paths and jump really high near flags); the bots can give you a run for your money in this one also.