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23rd Jan 2008, 11:56 AM
I am almost done with one classic: CTF-November from UT99.

So I need some constructive feedback, I do not want to release this map unpolished. And official Epic forum kind of fails, all they write is: "oh too dark" "oh cool" etc.




PIC 4 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October04.jpg)
PIC 5 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October05.jpg)
PIC 6 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October06.jpg)
PIC 7 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October07.jpg)
PIC 8 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October08.jpg)
PIC 9 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October09.jpg)
PIC 10 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October10.jpg)
PIC 11 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October11.jpg)
PIC 12 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October12.jpg)
PIC 13 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October13.jpg)
PIC 14 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October14.jpg)
PIC 15 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October15.jpg)
PIC 16 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October16.jpg)
PIC 17 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October17.jpg)
PIC 18 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October18.jpg)
PIC 19 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October19.jpg)
PIC 20 (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-October20.jpg)

Download: (unplayable yet, but geometry and light done}
CTF-october_030.zip (http://uthost.rwven.com/nawrot/CTF-October/CTF-october_030.zip)

Things that are not done and I am aware of:
no items, no bot support,
stairs to walk out from water,
sea level too high,
submarine is rotated 180deg, that crate hanging from crane will contain Udamage.
no disco red and light lights, i plan to make subtle side marking with few decals and signs.

Some collision problems:
submarine does not have collision. Easy to get stuck in rubble inside staircase in blue base and behind machinery in first corridor in red base. Also you can fall down in red base into machinery below stairs.

Now what i want to know is any places one can get stuck, should not be able to go. Also some stlye/feel suggestions.

Things that I want to make a bit different from classic:
Very few red/blue side markings, like one for each side of submarine room, then 2-3 inside each base. No red/blue light (maybe one below blue staircase like it was in orginal).
Red flag room is in shape of ICBM silo, I want to put there rocket model to help a bit with defending flag, hiding there.

DeathoX 8
23rd Jan 2008, 12:21 PM
Just a suggestion, do the gameplay stuff of a map before starting to decorate it. You have a map that seems to be in a pretty advanced state, it's pretty strange that you didn't add items and pathing. Usually it's better to test out a lot the layout and item placement with bots before starting to decorate, to avoid redoing a good part of the decoration if suddendly you find out that a part of the layout must be changed.
Since you're doing a remake this might not seem important, but also in a remake there's room for change (for example, I'm not sure if the deadly red flagroom in the long dead end will be still appreciated from UT3 players); think about it for your next maps ;)

I'll now download and check out the map. From the screenshots the map looks pretty nice, but the floors could use some more love (there are some big and monotonous surfaces). Also team colouring seems not implemented yet, I know that the "disco" lights of the UT version were a bit exaggerated but it's very important to make clear where to go.

25th Jan 2008, 12:00 PM
The good old October map for UT3,awesome!!!:tup:

25th Jan 2008, 12:53 PM
Anubis;2066836']The good old October map for UT3,awesome!!!:tup:

Let me quote Roland Topor on it:

"Everybody want sleep with princess but nobody want to marry her."

So marry princess and help me nail down bugs, would be a shame to release this unpolished, or with bugs i have no idea about. ;)

26th Jan 2008, 05:15 PM
Interesting quote.:-)