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20th May 2006, 02:29 PM
So I thought I should have a go at a Jailbreak map. :p

I'm no expert on JB maps, so any feedback on the layout and placement would be great. Visually, I'm going for the tried and tested Egyptian theme (everyone has to make an Egyptian map at least once, right? ;)).
Alpha 1 doesn't include any bot pathing, as I'm not sure how to set that up yet. Jail execution is the default sequence at the moment, I've not yet decided how it will be in the end. Everything else should be functional, including the arena. :)


Download here: www.slainchild.com/files/JB-Heated_a1.zip

Have fun :)

21st May 2006, 06:12 AM
I thought you'd be mapping DM for all your life... :p Glad to see you here. :)
Some quick thoughts:
- I think it's a bit too open and plain in the middle, needs more Z!
- The lava area with the flak and the Amp is too disconected from the rest of the map. That will discourage people to go to the middle since the paths are more separated and it's harder to find people there (promotes switch-camping)... I'm not sure if you should remove it, though (we'd have another one-room-in-the-middle map like Addien, Collateral and Egypt... :o) I'd say try to connect both floors a bit more (via grates/glass or z-axis).
- The bases are coming along well, but please leave jumptricks as the alternative way to take the switch.
- Too many big powerups IMO... Ehmm... dying is a must in JB. :p A single big powerup and two 50shields works in most maps. However I normally feel more interested in the health spots rather than the powerups (except the 100shield when I'm the last free player).
- The arena needs to be more face2face-ish. Too many hallways would end up with the guy with little health escaping until the match ties. A 50shield can work too, if it's not too much like a race for it...
- Can't look at the item and jail placement until the bots are done. :rolleyes:

I'll go more detailed after the exams, but that's enough for a first alpha I think... :)
Keep up the good work. :tup:

21st May 2006, 10:25 AM
Sadly I can only judge from the screenshots at the moment (not at a pc with a usefull graphics card :s)

But I would say architectrally it doesn't look very Egyptian yet, its only the textures that make it look right.... (I guess it will come to look more Egyptian with lighting and meshes though)

Glad to see you mapping for Jailbreak atlast :)

I will give it a proper play soon.

23rd May 2006, 03:32 AM
Thanks :)

Great feedback G.Lecter, I'll definitely consider some of your ideas.

Yes, The_Head, it will look more Egyptian when I start adding more details.

New build later on maybe... ;)