View Full Version : Vehicle Invasion....Literally

20th May 2006, 11:17 AM
No, not the mod that Muscat made, I'm talking about something different.

This discription will give you my idea:

"Ah the joys of a raining pain on others with a SPMA, or run over poor souls in a Scorpion. Seems like the vehicles are always obedient to you, right? Nope. These things may seem lifeless, but deep inside, they have minds. These moving hunks of metal are tired of being dented, scratched, and blown up by their carbon-based masters. They're here for revenge, better watch out!

In other words, vehicles are the "monsters" in invasion. We would obviously include the default vehicles and the ECE ones as well, but they would have to be weakened down, or they'll be too strong.

What do you guys think?