View Full Version : Multimod servers with bonus pack content

17th May 2006, 11:45 AM
I've had more than a few players comment that when they connnect to servers that are setup as in the title, they are often subjected to a bunch of downloads that may not apply to the game/mod in play. This can be really annoying to people who connect with a mod client that isn't the vanilla UT2004.

This can usually be attributed to this line:
What to do? Well, it's DummyMut to the rescue again.

First, comment out ServerPackages=OnslaughtBP in your server's ini by putting a semicolon ; at the first char on the line. Optionally, you can just delete that line instead.
Second, make a line for the Bonus Content's package with a DummyMut that can be added in on the Onslaught gametype line as below:
Finally, add that DummyMut into your Onslaught gametype config line as a mutator.

Problem solved. DeathBallers, Jailbreak and other clients will no longer be forced to sit through the bonus content downloads when connecting to your server.