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13th Dec 1999, 04:31 PM
When I try to use a 'OnRelease' action, it doesn't work...Can anyone help me with this?

Also...How do you do a 'wait' in an alias?



13th Dec 1999, 04:34 PM
behindview 1 | OnRelease behindview 0

thats the proper way to use the OnRelease thing, dont forget the |

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13th Dec 1999, 04:45 PM
Thats what I mean...

For example...

GetWeapon Impacthammer | Fire | OnRelease GetBestWeapon

doesn't do the onrelease

13th Dec 1999, 05:01 PM
I dont think you can alias three things together, just two.

Or theres a problem with your 'fire', you need a wait command if there is one.

13th Dec 1999, 05:03 PM
OK...some things work...

for example:

GetWeapon Translocator | OnRelease SwitchToBestWeapon | OnRelease Behindview 0

That works fine

but something simple like

Onrelease jump


Onrelease Fire


Onrelease Altfire

None of those work, even with no other commands.

14th Dec 1999, 03:07 AM
Can anyone please offer some help here?

I can't figure out why certain commands don't work with onrelease

21st May 2000, 03:58 AM
Ok, this is entirely a product of my own logic, so it may not be the real reason...

The way I see it, the reason you can't bind the OnRelease with commands like Jump, Fire, AltFire is that these commands require that you press that button and HOLD it.

OnRelease only sends one signal (which is such a small time interval that the game doesn't register it as holding the key down).

The way to do it would probably be with a combination of OnRelease and Toggle commands (of course, you'd have to toggle it back somehow afterwards, with another key or a wait command, but I'm not sure UT has wait commands; if anyone knows of a wait command, let me know).

22nd May 2000, 03:37 AM
There is no wait command (fortunately)

el Gato|PUF
22nd May 2000, 01:21 PM
I think GregC said it right. I had issues with the onrelease jump command for an alias I was trying to execute - a hammerjump. Here's a link to the post:

Maybe it'll help. Good luck!

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22nd May 2000, 06:50 PM
For what it's worth, I have heard that the developers "prevented certain things from being aliased together" to limit the power of certain combinations. I also heard that many of these limitations involve movement, since they would reduce certain skill-related moves to just a war of who-has-the-best-script. This is the reason that's usually given in UT FAQ pages for why there is no way to assign the "dodge" command to an alias (as an example).

Of course, I've never even got an alias to work in UT, so I may be wrong- hell, I'm STILL trying to find an alias that works to use the Translocator with one key (fire on key, teleport on key release)...


22nd May 2000, 08:22 PM
Try |OnRelease Prevweapon That would get you the weapon you had before switching to the impact hammer. You can do more two things but maybe just not certain things. I would think that it would do the bind you wanted it to do though, try what i suggested and see if it works.

Striker III
30th May 2000, 05:49 PM
ImagoX theres a bind outhtere to do that
i use my right mouse button
heres the pasteAliases[29]=(Command="GetWeapon Translocator | Fire | OnRelease AltFire | onrelease switchtobestweapon",Alias=TransJump)


30th May 2000, 06:02 PM
Hmm, Striker... does that work for teletraining? I was trying to get an alias setup to do that.. but it never worked right... I used basically the same alias you have (without the last weaponswitch).. but if you keep pressing the bound key you just sit there firing x-loc and calling it back...

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Striker III
31st May 2000, 09:10 PM
i assume thats crossing the map quickly?

hehe i get dizzy just watching someone do it
( plus if somone trans within 10 feet in front of me , my fps bottoms out at 1 while the sparkles go off
im so dizzy
your perfectly right . heres the move across one
single player its ummm, great - sometimes ya gotta prime it
click , release. click re-click-rel-clic-rel

Aliases[29]=(Command="GetWeapon Translocator | Fire | OnRelease AltFire",Alias=TransJump)



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