View Full Version : voting issue with 49 and 51

19th Apr 2006, 02:45 PM
i'm currently running Vote43, and tried to upgrade to both 49 and 51.
i ran into the same problem both times. my server defaults to DM,
so when my crew jumps in, we usually play a few DM maps to warm up
before moving on to CTF. what i found was... when everyone voted
for CTF and the CTF map list came up, the first time through only,
NO ONE could vote for anything. you could see the full map list,
but double-clicking on a map name, or clicking Submit would not
submit a map choice. basically, we all had to sit there until vote
timeout, at which point the server would randomly select a map
(which would be expected, since no one's choice was registered).
[even logging in as server admin didn't help; i still couldn't vote.]
after that map, if we played it, we could then vote for any map as usual.
is there a setting i'm missing, such that if we switch from DM to CTF,
we can't then vote for a map that first vote session? again, the problem
goes away after that, so it's not a bad install or anything...
please let me know what, if anything, i'm missing.

19th Apr 2006, 03:20 PM
Oh just some advice, jumping from 43 to 49 is a HUGE jump as there were major major changes made in 46 to make UT2Vote Whitelist compatible.
The 43 ini file cannot just be copied or renamed as you will have a disaster on your hands.
You must start from scratch and redefine the UT2Vote ini file like its the first install, also make sure you dont have any previous versions left on the server.

19th Apr 2006, 03:31 PM
thanks for that advice. i was well aware of the leap i was taking.

i was *way* out of date on my voter. but... i'm an IT guy by profession,
so i didn't just copy the .ini file over. i did go through and painstakingly
compare settings line by line, where applicable, but i didn't just
toss it in and assume it would work. ;)

i did get an email back from ProAsm saying that this was a known issue
and fixed in 52, so i just downloaded that, customized the .ini,
and tomorrow we'll see how it flies with the crew...

thanks again.