View Full Version : Co-op Mod Idea... Kinda

2nd Apr 2006, 12:14 AM
I have played a mod for Halflife that is the best mod ever. For halflife. Sven Co-op.
It's about many levels that require cooperative play in order to destroy the sheer amount of hi powered monsters, or to get up to hi ledges by jumping on someone else's head. ^_^

Yeah. Sven Co-op should be in UT2004.

1: Shield gun moves other people more. (You can get to hi ledges like this)
2: Not bouncing off someone's head when you jump on them... (As in the Boosting to higher ledges by using someone else as a stair)
3: Powerful, numerous, monsters. (For a challenge)
4: TETRIS BASED MAP!!! (*Joking*)
5: I know this is somewhat like the SP Framework, only it would be MP instead of SP, with multiple spawn points and the obvious.
6: Robotic enemies. When low on health, they will short circuit, and their body becomes a weapon! When they die, they will sit there for a while, then explode! Is this possible?