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29th May 2000, 02:47 AM
What are the best CTF maps with space platforms, like the face map.

The Dopefish
29th May 2000, 02:49 AM

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The Ping!
29th May 2000, 03:12 AM
I would recommend Face 2, if you dont have the Inoxx pack.
CTF-Asteriod is cool too.

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29th May 2000, 04:36 AM
One of the more played "Face" type maps is CTF-Diamond (http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/reviews/ctf-diamond.html).

If you like the standard "two forts facing each other" maps...you should also try CTF-Warlords (http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/reviews/ctf-warlords.html)

There are several more you would enjoy...these most accurately fit your requests (Dopefish has a good suggestion for your needs too).

Visit Nali City (http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/), Capture (http://www.planetunreal.com/capture/) or Mapped (http://www.planetunreal.com/mapped/index.htm) for review/pics/downloading of maps that might be of interest.

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29th May 2000, 11:02 AM
CTF-SpacePirates is fun too :)
Get it at NaliCity

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29th May 2000, 04:37 PM
If you think you're good, get CTF-Freespace][ and play it with some skilled bots (or skilled people if you can find a server running it). You'll find yourself thinking about your actions. A lot.

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29th May 2000, 05:21 PM

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