View Full Version : I have a question or 2, hope I done this right

29th Mar 2006, 05:35 PM
Sorry if I done this wrong. here my question.
Hi all. I have 2 questions for now . I have saw several sights for ut and newer, and I was wondering if it was possible to make sights for unreal 1 , or do u have to be able to get to the c+ part of unreal to do that.Or could u expand the unrealhud to do it, or I gress thats where they r at had trouble finding them. What I want to know is can it be done in unreal 1 without the c+ code.
My second question , well I like zoom all , but to use it u have to enable the cheats, and that makes it where some one could use a aim bot if they knew what were doing, and I don't want that going on on my lan. So what I wanted to know is if it would be possible to write a zoom mod or call it scope mod that would work without cheats being inabled that would work in mp games.
I want someday to have a server online , but for now I will use it on my lan. I know most thinks of zoom as a cheat but I don't see anything wrong with it if all can use it. Its no different than a scope in real life , and I use a scope on all my guns.
In fact thats what I don't like about ut2k4 they have a no cheat thing in it , and I can't even run it on my oun lan and use zoom all in mp. If it wasn't for that I would run it on my lan. Sorry for getting off my question Dryvitman

P.S. Sorry for my non teck way of acking, but I never was good at acking others things. But I do a lot of things that I don't know how to do. But in my life I have found the fastest & quickest way to learn is to ack someone that knows more than u do, and that will tell u what u need to know. And thats why I ack in here not because I'm lazy.I have the old wiki for unreal 1 and a lot of other stuff. Somethings I understand , others I don't. But u learn more by doing , but u can get going faster if pointed in right direction. I just wanted to know if the sights could be done or if it was a dead end without the source code to the native code. And the zoom mod can it be wrote where it will work with cheats off. I think I can write it, but don't know about it working with cheats off Thanks Dryvitman