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20th Mar 2006, 07:04 AM
Hello all, I would like to get 2 different deathmatch gametype visible into the gametype vote panel of ut2vote. 1st for DM 6 players
GameType=(GameName="DeathMatch",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="xxxxx",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="XGame.xDeathMatch",Mutators="utcompv16a.MutUTComp,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=20?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?W eaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=False?VsBots=False?NumBots=0")

and the other for 1on1 DM
=(GameName="DeathMatch",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="xxxxx",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="OneonOne",Mutators="utcompv16a.MutUTComp",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=20?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=2?MaxSpectators=6?Translocator=False?W eaponstay=False?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats =True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0")

I know that it's impossible to duplicate the deathmatch gameclass under ut2vote.ini gametypes definition. So I tried to use Gamemake3 to create my "OneonOne" gameclass. It's working fine, but the trouble is that as it is not a XGame.xDeathMatch, so my server is not referenced in the online DM master server list for clients when I swith to my specific "OnonOne" gametype.

Does someone knows how to configure my server to easyly swith from standard DM 6 players to 1on1 (the difficulty is that I do not have the same mutator loaded for those gametype).

20th Mar 2006, 12:07 PM
oops :stupid: (small corrections to bring to my previous post)
and the other for 1on1 DM

Does someone knows how to configure my server to easily switch from a DM 6 players to a DM 1on1 (the difficulty is that I do not have the same mutators loaded for those "gametypes") in order to get my server listed in the standard DeathMatch server list in both case.

(I suppose there is no way because DM 6 players and 1on1 DM are not different gametypes :(, but I just would like players to easily switch between those DM without the help of the administrator)

Solutions or not, I send a big THX to the proasm team for all there useful mutators. :2thumb:

21st Mar 2006, 01:16 PM
the reason its not working is you dont have the GameClass name right its missing half of it GameClass="OneonOne" should be the full name found in gamemake ini or the ucl file for OneonOne.u OneonOne.xDeathmatch other than that looks like u got most of it right except the gamename= you might want to change that to gamename=OneonOne so people know what it is

22nd Mar 2006, 03:48 AM
i guess, it's OneonOne.OneonOne

and i don't know a way, to fake it as a xDeathmatch Gametype too :(

22nd Mar 2006, 06:00 AM
Thanks taking care about my trouble.
Give me few days to try others things because in fact I think I have had a trouble installing or using gamemake3 (maybe because my UT2004 install is not in C: but on an other drive...)
When I click to validate my new game type, and then after click again to generate my .u file, ucc.exe is launch and end without errors but no .u file was created (promise, I made a search into all my drives with the 3 different names I typed in gamemake3 and also the name suppose to be in front the .u but my file doesn't exist ^^)

To resume, I have been to fast to post my questions, let me investigate and "try" to generate a .u file before continuing. (but I think I will have to do this on an other computer than mine... if a proasm developer has already heard about .u generation trouble with gamemake3 I am interested too because I didn’t find any forum speaking about it [I also have respected the rules of the GM3 help file: so I didn’t put numbers and illicit characters in my gametype name typed in one world])

To be continued...

24th Mar 2006, 09:28 AM
Ok my test have been successful ;) :
(I really have a trouble on my home computer with Gamemake3, all the process to generate .u .ucl .int seems to be achived correctly but no .u was generated...)
So I have run GM3 on another one and here they are :
OneonOne.u and its gameclass: OneonOne.xDeathMatch
and I add this one for fun hard fragg:
DMExcess.u and its gameclass: DMExcess.xDeathMatch

I confirm that my 2 new gametypes are available into the Deathmatch online server list!

Hereunder, I put most importants parts of my ut2vote.ini and server.ini files if it can help somebody...
U will find gametypes: TAM, utcompv16a duel, DM1on1 variant and DM with ExcessiveV302 mutator
U will find examples of mutators integration in ut2vote: utcompv16a,ExcessiveV302,utExtra14,Demorecord41,AntiTCC118h,PostalBabes_V2,bn_RealUtils_V18,zound53, HeadshotInstagib,QinstaGib_V4,XxxXESRv2i
The difficulty is to mix them respecting there compatibilities...

My server.ini serverpackages:
;;;;ServerPackages=DemoRecord41 not needed because it is a serverside only package
DefServerName="Take Care: strange results possible if U put too much strange character in server names"
GameType=(GameName="DeathMatch",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="XGame.xDeathMatch",Mutators="Zound53.Zound,utcompv16a.MutUTComp,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=20?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?W eaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?USEGLOW=true?DISPON=True")
;Don't forget to let all the original Gametypes that is delivered in the original ut2vote.ini file
GameType=(GameName="Last Man Standing",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=0,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="BonusPack.xLastManStandingGame",Mutators="Zound53.Zound,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=10?GoalScore=0?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?W eaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?USEGLOW=true?DISPON=True")
;Gamemake3 not needed:
GameType=(GameName="TAM",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="3spnv3b7.TeamArenaMaster",Mutators="Zound53.Zound,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=10?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?W eaponStay=True?BalanceTeams=True?ForceRespawn=False?PlayersMustBeReady=True?Tournament=0?GamePasswor d=?GameStats=True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0.00?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=True?NumBots=4?Difficulty=4?USEGLOW= true?DISPON=True?bCustomGame=True")
GameType=(GameName="UTcomp Duel Pro",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="utcompv16a.UTComp_Duel",Mutators="utcompv16a.MutUTComp,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=0?TimeLimit=15?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?We aponstay=False?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?USEGLOW=true?DISPON=false?")
;Gamemake3 needed for this 2 Deathmatch variants:
GameType=(GameName="DM 1on1 Pro",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="OneonOne.xDeathMatch",Mutators="utcompv16a.MutUTComp,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=0?TimeLimit=15?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=2?MaxSpectators=6?Translocator=False?We aponstay=False?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?USEGLOW=true?DISPON=false")
GameType=(GameName="DM Excessiv",HideVote=False,Clan=False,RequiredPlayers=1,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMap="DM-Rankin-FE",MapPrefix="DM",AltMapPrefix="",GameClass="DMExcess.xDeathMatch",Mutators="ExcessiveV302.MutExcessive,Zound53.Zound,PostalBabes_V2.MutPostalBabes,bN_RealUtils_v18.bN_RPMutator",Commands="?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=30?TimeLimit=15?MinPlayers=1?MaxPlayers=6?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False?W eaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=False?ForceRespawn=True?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats= True?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=True?VsBots=False?NumBots=0?USEGLOW=true?DISPON=True")

Mutator=(FriendlyName="HS-Only Instagib",HideVote=False,MutClassName="HeadShotInstaGib.MutHeadShotOnlyIGRules",Voted=False)
Mutator=(FriendlyName="HS Instagib",HideVote=True,MutClassName="HeadShotInstaGib.MutHeadShotInstaGib",Voted=False)
Mutator=(FriendlyName="HS Zoom Instagib",HideVote=True,MutClassName="HeadShotInstaGib.MutHeadShotZoomInstaGib",Voted=False)
Mutator=(FriendlyName="XxxXESR InstaGib",HideVote=True,MutClassName="XxxXESRv2i.MutInstaGib",Voted=False)
Mutator=(FriendlyName="XxxXESR XxxXInstaGib",HideVote=True,MutClassName="XxxXESRv2i.MutXxxXInstaGib",Voted=False)


Hope this will help, byebye.

8th Apr 2006, 02:13 AM
For a 1on1 game have you tried a dedicated DuelGame.
There is also a duel ctf game.
They are both UT2Vote compatible.

21st Apr 2006, 06:20 AM
1 Correction of my previous post: The TAM gametype is not well parametered and I have changed it by using dummymuts to load the correct serverpackages.
(so my ut2vote.ini as change from the one hereover I am not using a beta version of TAM but the last released v257)

2 New question about gamemake3:
I would like to add one TAM 2v2 gametype to ut2vote (TAMv257-->ClassName=3SPNv257.TDM_Game_3SPN). As I already have one TAMv257 gametype defined, it seems clear that I have to use Gamemake 3 to do it. The trouble is that I don't know what to choose in the "custom game selection" for the parameter "choose original parent class" (I would like to put TDM_Game_3SPN but it is not in the list) I tried understand the help small description but it didn't help me so much to understand. And I didn't find anything about this on the web.
lets see the picture:
(have a look to the attached file GM3 print screen)
Wich parent class does correspond to TAMv257? (and optionaly how did you find it?)

21st Apr 2006, 11:35 AM
You're making a 2on2 subclass of the TAM, so stay with TAM as the parent class: TDM_Game_3SPN

21st Apr 2006, 01:14 PM
Could you be more precise please?
(read again, I wrote:
"The trouble is that I don't know what to choose in the "custom game selection" for the parameter "choose original parent class" (I would like to put TDM_Game_3SPN but it is not in the list) "

I tried to type "TDM_Game_3SPN" instead of choosing in the list but imposible to get the .u file generated :(

21st Apr 2006, 02:42 PM
That's the right way to do it. I just downloaded TAM and tried to gamemake it too. It isn't working for me either though. I get this:

Error: C:\UT2004\TAM2v2\Classes\TDM_Game_3SPN.uc(3) : Error, 'extends': Missing class name

I checked the .u file and the extends statement has a class name there. I don't get it.

22nd Apr 2006, 02:14 PM
1. Fill in the 3 squares, Gamename, Friendlyname, GameTitle
2. Make sure 3SPNv257.u is present in the System folder.
3. Check Custom Game in GameMake.
4. In the top square enter 3SPNv257.TDM_Game_3SPN
5. Enter a Defaultmap - eg: DM-Antalus
6. For the Parent Class choose xTeamGame

Oops, sorry Imaginos, I did not see your reply.

22nd Apr 2006, 06:08 PM
No worries. My answer didn't work and I'm not sure why not. Checked the classes and it seems like it should work. Gamemake does the *.uc files but even a manual UCC MAKE fails.

24th Apr 2006, 12:06 PM
I had the same problems couple of months ago with game make.
it worked for some custom gametypes (eg. MonsterAssaultv13.MonsterAssault) but failed for others gametypes; utcomp (utcompv16a.UTComp_ClanArena) and 3spn (3SPNv257.TDM_Game_3SPN) in my case.

i noticed that when i simply changed the name of the u file for example to abc and then entered the correct parameters in gmK3 (abc.TDM_Game_3SPN) it would generate the u file but the game itself would be unplayable (eg. weapons stay locked for the whole time but bots can fire ,after one round you dont respawn etc.., probably due to broken code caused by the namechange).

I'm not sure, but i doubt it has something to do with the numbers in the first part of the gameclass, as MonsterAssaultv13 contains numbers too but worked.

it's a fact that with the current gamemake you are restricted to default gametypes what the server browser concerns, as the parrent gameclass -which is restricted to retail gametypes only- determines the gametype under witch the new game will be displayed in the server browser.

moutre can temporary d/l and use the latest beta of the new version (3SPNv3b7) of TAM for his 2on2 game and keep the v257 for his other tam game. there will be no version or name mismatches and you can have them installed together safely (as stated in the readme). this way he can have them in the same server browser too ((Team) Arena Master).