View Full Version : Car Selection Screen and Spawning...

19th Mar 2006, 08:00 AM
Hey Guys
Cool mod! I am interested in doing a mod involving cars and want to achieve the car selection screen and spawn in the car that you guys have achieved. I would greatly appreciate some help from those in the know if they could point me in the direction of achieving this.

I have looked on wiki's and other forums and thus far have achieved spawning in a small level in a car pre determined in UED with a PlayerSpawnManager. I want to go beyond that and select the car ingame like you guys have got, then spawn ingame in it.

I am not expecting or asking for your scripts (we all know I actually already have them in UED) just a nudge in the right direction and where I should poke around so I can start from the ground up and not just copy all your hard work...