View Full Version : TriggerControl?! Why won't it close?

Pseudo Safari
18th Mar 2006, 04:55 PM
I'm having some trouble with the TriggerControl feature of movers in Ut2k4. I'm trying to have mechanical barriers rise up out of the ground when a player sits in (or stands near) an ONS turret (I used a playerproximity trigger with a radius same as turret) and goes down when the player leaves.

When the player leaves the turret the movers go back down as long as they haven't all reached their final Open keys, but when the player stays in the trigger zone long enough for them to fully open the barriers wont go back down when they leave despite the fact they may have been outside for minutes. Does anyone know why these movers won't go back into the floor? It's really got me baffled >.<

Thanks if you can offer any alternatives or help.