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21st Jan 2006, 09:37 AM
I need some help here...

My brother-in-law bought a new harddrive, but he has an out-dated MOBO, so it couldnt be used. So i got my old ATA-100 hd out of my pc, stuck his new one in mine. But when i installed my old one the mobo still couldnt detect it. So i got rid of the mobo and put in an old mobo i had lying around *newer then his*. But my brother did it before i could interfere. And he just unplugged everything of the old mobo and now im stuck with figuring out what cable goes where. Does anyone know where to find some kind of drawing which cable goes into what slot, or does it differ alot between various mobos? :S

Also if you put in a new harddrive do you need to change anything in the bios? its suppose to auto-detect it right?