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12th Jan 2006, 09:44 PM
hey guys i get thes error's

AkimEightball dm-morpheusdemo.AkimEightball7 (Function GODHealth.AkimEightball.F
ireRockets.BeginState:0B3E) Accessed None

AkimEightball dm-morpheusdemo.AkimEightball7 (Function GODHealth.AkimEightball.P
layIdleAnim:0044) TweenAnim: Sequence 'Idle2' not found in Mesh 'Eightm'

here is the code please help its spaming my log file with these erors i would like to fix becouse it makes big log files :)

16th Jan 2006, 07:53 AM

it means that the animation 'Idle2' is missing from the mesh.

Look in the Animaition browser and either add another anim and call it 'Idle2' or open the UC file and change the text where it says 'Idle2' to 'Idle'. Then it will call the 'Idle' anim insead of the missing one.