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5th Jan 2006, 04:36 PM
Hello All, this is a request to anyone who still makes maps for UT99. I am looking for mappers to make weapon specific maps that I will then put on our Clan server [PURE]House of Chaos.

What I mean by weapon specific is the map has only one weapon type thru-out the map, but I dont want just any old map with weapons changed to all shock rifles or flac cannons, the maps layout should be designed to make the best possible game play for the weapon you choose to use, for both offensive and defensive play.

I have already tried to make a sniper only version myself called DM-SniperPit, which turned out ok but not great. you can check it out on the CHAOS server if you like.

The only requirments are these: it must be a DM map for UT99, it must contain only one weapon type, you can put as many as you feel the map needs but all the same weapon, and it should be a size thats good for 2-4 players. As of right now our server is only a 4 man, so nothing too huge.

If you are interested in trying this let me known here or come to our Forum at http://chaos.fragism.com/gl-bin/forum.

6th Jan 2006, 08:27 PM
Ever try Insta-Gib?
BTW, I'm sure there's mutators out there that will change all weapon pickups to whatever you desire without opening Ued. There are already maps out there that cater to specific weapons, implimenting the weapon mutator server side is all that's needed after finding them (the right map for the wep)

6th Jan 2006, 09:04 PM
Yes that would work, but there are 2 problems I see, One is that finding maps that are specifically designed to have a layout that is good for one weapon specifically won't be that ez, and #2 is I would like to have the map in map vote list so players can go from straight up all weps Codex lets say, to Sniper Pit(all sniper rifles) and then to DM-goo heaven(or what ever) without having to use a mod and turn it off or change it all the time.

Plus I'm really talking about building the maps soley on the weapon choosen, not for great looks or great lighting altho they would be a plus, I'm looking for maps with thought put into how to make the certain weapon harder and more challanging to use then in just any old map.

13th Jan 2006, 05:13 PM
I'd like to give a Big Thanks to Smeerkat for making a ripper only map for us, DM-WS-Coffee-Beta. Its still in the beta stage and I think it needs alittle tweaking to handle only rippers, but I had fun playing it and that's what counts.
Thanks again Smeerkat.

13th Jan 2006, 07:06 PM
no problem, dude. :)